Tradition of Service

A long tradition of service and professionalism in Clinton and surrounding counties

True Professionals

True professionals striving to improve our industry through education, community and communication.

Clinton County Board of Realtors

Professional Standards

Governed by elected directors to help ensure the highest degree of professional standards

Clinton County Ohio Board of Realtors
Strategic Plan

Vision: As professional realtors, members of our organization will add indispensable value to all real estate transactions.


The mission of the Clinton County Board of Realtors is to be the leading advocate for the local real estate market.  It is our intent to provide unparalleled support, education and resources to our members so as to enable every member to better serve the public while also excelling at their business; all the while acting in at all times in a professional and ethical manner.
Goal 1:  Enhance the use of technology
Strategy A.  Maintain a website to be used as a communication vehicle for the dissemination of education, information and industry news.
Strategy B.  Build an active electronic membership list in order to improve communication with members.
Strategy C.  Offer a series of seminars on maintaining effective websites.
Strategy D.  Expand the use of social media to enhance outreach.
Strategy E.   Provide members with an electronic quarterly newsletter.

Goal 2:   Continuously improve customer service
Strategy A.  Offer customer service training for realtors as well as office staff.
Strategy B.  Review local office staffing needs to ensure the goals and standards of the board are being met.
Strategy C.  Provide members with the tools to conduct internal professional customer service audits.
Strategy D.  Monitor and communicate trends and emerging issues affecting the real estate market in order for members to provide clients with the most up to date information.

Goal 3:   Publicize our image and market the value of being a member of the Clinton County Board of Realtors.
Strategy A.  Share member benefits via the website, social media and news media.
Strategy B.   Offer new member orientation.
Strategy C.   Create an e-mentor program for new members to partner with existing members.
Strategy D.   Provide members with education materials to use when meeting with clients.

Goal 4:   Enhance community involvement.
Strategy A.  Develop and implement public outreach strategy.
Strategy B.  Continue to recruit affiliate members.
Strategy C.  Create a speakers bureau comprised of board and affiliate members.
Strategy D.  Continue to sponsor and participate in community service activities.
Strategy E.   Invite local reporters and community members to monthly meetings.
Strategy F.    Participate in local and regional job and small business fairs.

Goal 5:  Expand and enhance our education program.
Strategy A.  Use the website, newsletter, social media and email list to promote any/all educational opportunities including but not limited to; NAR Calls for Action, Mediation, Continuing Education and Affiliate Member news and updates.
Strategy B.  Utilize the website to post access to professional standards and create links to other related sites.
Strategy C.  Offer members the opportunity to access webinars and previously recorded information training via the website or links on social media.

Goal 6:  Political Advocacy
Strategy A.  Become recognized by our members, public officials, the public and the media as a local advocate for private property rights.
Strategy B.   Increase member involvement in real estate policy advocacy by publicizing and encouraging participation in Call-For-Action and other grassroots involvement. 
Strategy C.   Include information about the benefits of RPAC in all correspondence with members and include in their dues billing a voluntary fair share contribution to RPAC.
Strategy D.   Utilize our relationships with the Cincinnati Board of Realtors and Ohio Association of Realtors to build relationships with government officials.